Emotional Wellbeing

Feelings of Sadness and Hopelessness

Periods of sadness and hopelessness can be a response to the normal ups and downs of life. When these symptoms become chronic, it may be the sign of something more serious.

Feeling Nervous and Overwhelmed

Balancing the demands of life is difficult for all human beings and none of us do it perfectly. Feeling overwhelmed is directly related to a sense of control. In order to regain control, you need to review the choices that have made you feel overwhelmed.

Autism, Executive Functioning, and Behavioral Issues

Each of these disorders presents with academic, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges for the child, parents, and teachers. School systems are not able to meet all of the emotional challenges of these children leading parents seeking professional support.

Parenting Issues

There are no perfect parents just as there are no perfect children and each phase of your child's development presents new challenges to navigate. Parenting children and adolescents in the digital age further increases those challenges.