Parenting Issues


Parenting is a journey for all of us and when we face challenging time, we wish we had a guide book or a road map to help us navigate these challenges to help us be the best parents we can be for our children. Each developmental phase of your child's life presents with behaviors that are specific to that age and how parents respond to those behaviors shapes their behaviors. Aggression, tantrums, whining, not listening, lack of respect, and lying are all behaviors that can challenge the patience of all parents leading parents to "lose their cool" and act in ways that worsens the situation, reinforces the child's behaviors, and doesn't solve the problem.


Technology is quickly becoming the number one source of conflict between parents and their older children and adolescents. Some children are able to lead full lives that includes activities and hobbies and technology is just a pastime. However, for other children, technology devours their lives. They cannot turn off their devices or put them away. They become more isolated, anxious, have poor social skills, difficulty managing issues in daily life, and addiction.

Our Parents

History often repeats itself and our awareness of what we would like to change is the first step in making those changes. As it relates to parenting, we will typically parent our children the way that we were parented which includes healthy parenting and unhealthy parenting. As parents, we can also have our own unresolved issues that can become triggered by our children causing us to act in ways that are not healthy and can be damaging to the relationship. Healthy parenting doesn't mean being the perfect parent, it means repairing the relationship when we have acted in ways that are reactive and potentially damaging. 

Blended Families

Forming blended families is a long-term process and parents can be under the false impression about how having a new partner will impact their child. However, if the couple can be aware of these challenges, they can take steps that can foster a relationships with the stepparent and create a happy home life.


Treatment revolves around getting to know each family member, the dynamics, family history, and identifying the goals of treatment. I work individually with the parents, or guardians, as well as the whole family if needed following a detailed treatment plan. My goal is to help families eliminate the chaos, conflict, and unhealthy dynamics that exist and move toward healthier family relationships.